About Us

Invecture Group is based in Mexico City and invests mainly in the mining and infrastructure sectors.

Invecture Group is managed by a group of multidisciplined and cross cultural experienced professionals with more than ~190 years of combined experience and success in the mining and infrastructure industries.

Invecture applies its strengths and capabilities to actively seek mineral assets or infrastructure projects with significant potential for value growth. While its focus is on projects located in Mexico, North America and selected South American jurisdictions might be considered. With respect to mining assets, it prefers operating mines or projects that are at advanced stage exploration or later.

The commitment of Invecture Group is to operate its projects under the premise of social, environmental and economic responsibility, where the present benefit does not compromise future development and sustainability.


Current Investments

Invecture Group owns the Piedras Verdes Copper Mine located in Alamos, Sonora, Mexico.

Invecture also owns the Monterde Gold and Silver Project in southwestern Chihuahua, Mexico, and the Los Cardones Gold Project in Baja California Sur. 

In recent years, Invecture group started investing in infrastructure assets.